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Component 4 – 1@2x

Client Support Officer & Marketing Manager

Nina Wang

Nina is our Client Support Manager and Marketing Manager. She not only manages our clients’ needs from initial inquiry to settlement but also takes charge of all our marketing efforts. Her journey began in the retail world, where she worked as a sales representative at Pandora while studying for her Commerce Degree, majoring in Marketing and Business Information Systems. During her time in retail, Nina mastered the art of customer service and how to meet their every want and need.

After that, she took a leap into the professional world as an Analyst, helping clients and their businesses with restructuring and getting back on track. This role exposed her to various industries, giving her a unique insight into how different businesses operate on a day-to-day basis.

Nina’s diverse experiences have equipped her to assist our busy clients seamlessly, from their initial inquiries to post-settlements. She’s all about the details and is known for her exceptional customer service. In our team, Nina plays a crucial role in making sure our clients are well taken care of for the lifetime of their business and expanding our social media presence.

ASK NINA: If you were an alcoholic drink, what would you be & why?

Lychee Mojito – Relaxed, refreshing and a little bit sweet. I am easy-going and all about good vibes and good energy.