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Credit Analyst

James Mahony-Brack

James is Yakka Finance’s youngest Credit Analyst. Whilst new to Yakka Finance, James is qualified in Economics and Finance with a Bachelor’s Degree from UNSW.

Coming across from Commonwealth Bank from the collections space, he is now operating at the other end of the credit life cycle. His previous role has taught him how to manage client expectations and how to navigate difficult conversations.

James is dedicated to delivering the best possible finance solutions that are custom-made for each client. He has already shown his credit analyst skillset with large full-doc assessments proving no trouble and has developed a deep knowledge of every lender’s policy.

James loves the challenge of finding the best deal for each client and gets a rush when he secures the best approval for his clients. Continuing to dedicate his time to knowing the ins and outs of each lender gives James the ability to place clients with the best finance option in the least amount of time.

ASK JAMES: If you were an alcoholic drink, what would you be & why?

Negroni – I am practical, sharp, and effective.